Rustproof and Corrosion Resistant!
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 November 2012  

Rustproof and Corrosion Resistant - A Kirlin Standard for Over 60 Years


Bad weather isn't coming, it's here!

Kirlin luminaires feature all-aluminum AND acrylic enameled housings to protect against rust and corrosion
from water, salt and other corrosive solids/gases, ensuring Kirlin luminaires' longevity, integrity and functionality.


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Kirlin offers two layers of protection for incredible durability in humid, wet, coastal and halogen gas (natatorium) environments:

  1. Kirlin's aluminum housings are…
    • Completely rustproof and cool operating
  2. Kirlin's acrylic enameled finish is...
    • Corrosion proof: exceeds ASTM 1000 hr 5% salt spray test.
    • Impervious to chlorine, bromine and all halogen gases common in indoor pools.

In addition, Kirlin offers the following to provide complete protection from the environment:

  1. UL Listed for wet locations standard
  2. IC and Air Tight designs maximize energy efficiency, reducing HVAC costs and contributing to LEED certification
  3. Electronic components operate up to 5ºC cooler in Kirlin aluminum housings (vs steel) increasing component life by 50%
  4. Kirlin offers the largest selection of high wattage LED luminaires in shallow depth housings - making installation in shallow plenums easy
  5. Broadest range of luminaire designs and trim styles in industry: downlights, wall-washers and adjustables

IP65 2     For Added Protection Kirlin Offers 18 IP65 Designs     IP65 2

Healthcare   Vandal Resistant
  • RR00790
  • RR00891
  • RR01092
  • RR01093
  • RR01094
  • RR01295
  • RR01096
  • VRR-07012
  • VRR-08013
  • VRR-10014
  • VRR-10015
  • VRR-10016
  • VRR-12017
  • VRR-12018
  • MRR-07217
  • MRR-08384
  • LRR-07140
  • LRR-08440

Features include:

  • Apertures from 7" to 12"
  • Wattages up to 74 watt LED and 2x42 triple tube
  • Type IC, AirTight and Vandal Resistant designs

Applications include:

  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Parking Garages
  • Outdoor and Public Spaces
  • Hose Down Applications

For more information on these products please:

  • Refer to Kirlin's latest Healthcare (Bulletin 08HC) or Vandal Resistant & Maximum Security (Bulletin 07VR) catalogs.
  • Download these three PDFs below:

Download the LED Catalog with IP65 luminaires

Download the Healthcare IP65 Highlights newsletter

Download the Vandal Resistant IP65 Highlights newsletter

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